Testimonials from our participants

Participants images from the tours
”Thanks for an amazing tour! I got to experience all I had hoped for, and some more. Hope to return soon.”
Anders Wadstein, India - the great Tiger tour 2017
”The Japan tour was just perfect for me”
Nina Jonsson, Winter in Japan 2017

”Thanks for a great tour, such fun to be a part of it. If it had not been for the cold of the century, it would have been to good to be true. Anyhow, I am really satisfied!”

Birgitta Larsby, Winter in Japan 2017

”A very good tour. Good photo sites, and Patrik was at his best, as usual. I hope to tag along again to top up the image harvest.”

Tommy Kronholm, Cornwalls dramatic landscapes 2016

”I just want to thank you for a fantastic week in Cornwall. The tour was very well-planned, from the nice bed and breakfast (full English of course) to a great choice of photo sites. I realize you have put a lot of effort into planning this. Thank you Patrik for your calm, generous and professional leadership. Thanks once again! I am sure I will return on more tours.”

Norman Nicholls, Cornwalls dramatic landscapes 2016

”We had had Pantanal on our wish-list for a long time, but had not found a tour operator that felt right. After several tours with Wild Nature Photo Adventures it was easy to make our minds up, but also easy for our expectations to soar. Lots of exciting experiences, surprises and 25000 images later, and we had seen all the species on our list and had an experience for life.”

Henrik & Lotta Hellberg, Pantanal 2016

”One of the best tours I have been on! Will definitely travel with Wild Nature Photo Adventures again! Remember the morning when we all sat on a hill waiting for the Wapiti to pass. The sun warmed our faces and ’painted’ the surroundings golden. Birds singing, the sound of two male Wapiti butting in the woods, and the smell of grass and forest. A wonderful experience for body, soul and photography. I have not only taken photographs. I have also learnt more about photography. Seen amazing places, learnt about animals and nature and got to know lovely people! Thanks again for a great trip!”

Liselotte Hultin, Autumn in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks 2016

”THANK YOU Wild Nature Photo Adventures for a pleasant tour to an amazingly beautiful and interesting place, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks. Thanks Henrik far all the help and instructions, about camera settings and photo subjects. Even when I felt a bit slow, you took your time. I think I have learnt a lot, especially about camera settings in different situations, during these days. I look forward to more tours with Wild Nature Photo Adventures.”

Lena Mattsson Mårtensson, Autumn in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks 2016

”Yellowstone was an incredible experience, close encounters with animals and the beautiful environment, with ’bubbling’ springs and vast prairie. Sitting by the roadside, watching the herds of Bison, with mountains in the background was so awesome! Even ’creeping’ up on the large Moose, to discover that they filled the frame and more…had to back down a bit…but so exciting! Furthermore, our guide Henrik was very good at reading the animals and positioning us for the best photo opportunities!”

Anders & Catarina Larsson, Autumn in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks 2016

”Thank you for a very inspiring and well-executed tour. We knew that you (Jan) were a skilled photographer, but it was a surprise to learn that you were a fully-fledged tour guide. We look forward to new challenges from Wild Nature Photo Adventures.”

Eva Neveling Segerfeldt, Italian Dolomites 2016.

”We would like to thank you for the pleasant and rewarding tour to Gargano. We still talk about these memories almost daily. Thats the odd thing about traveling, almost like a winter fruit. You look forward in anticipation, and finally get the reward of harvest. However, it’s only later, after storing, that you get to fully enjoy it.”

Dan & Gudrun Andersson, Orchids in Italy 2016

”I was worried that I would get an upset stomach, and was more or less prepared to starve. Instead, I have never had so much delicious food. The Tiger was top priority. Getting to see Leopards, Sloth Bears, Jackals and lots of birds and other animals was a bonus. A wonderful tour, with new-found friends and skilled guides. If the destination and timing is right, I will definitely go with Wild Nature Photo Adventures again.”

Sven Gräfnings, Wild India 2016

”Thank you for a lovely weekend! Fun, intense, informative and full points for camels, Stag Beetles and good weather… I highly commend your patience with all our questions. There is so much to learn. A great feeling when an I’mage (almost) turns out as I had planned considering aperture, exposure etc.”

Catarina Larsson, Ölands orchids 2015

”Henrik and Mikael are the most generous tour leaders I have met. They know where the most beautiful orchids grow, and demonstrate techniques and composition in a way that makes everything fun and understandable. Techniques, composition and knowledge about orchids from guides who know how to inspire. I have taken the workshop twice, and will do so again.”

Lars Grönvik, Ölands orchids 2015

”Exciting workshop that provided experiences that I would never have found myself. Was fascinated by how well it went to photograph in the dark with a torch. That was one of the main things I brought home from the weekend. I have been on a workshop with Henrik before, and always learn something. I hope to participate again. Thanks for a great weekend, enriched by meeting new people.”

Laila Mikalsen Sundström, Frogs in Scania 2015

”Wild Nature Photo Adventures frog workshop offers a couple of intense days, hunting for frogs at several different sites in Skåne. The guides are knowledgeable and without prestige. The participants were nice acquaintances. Everyone helped to look for frogs and shared their findings. The roaming torch-beams looked like an art installation, whilst we searched for frogs. We are very pleased with our experience.”

Margareta Langéen & Inger Bengtsson, Frogs in Scania 2015

”It is thanks to Henrik Karlsson that photographing orchids was such a creative and fun experience. His knowledge and preparation made those little flowers grow in front of my camera. When I lost inspiration after an hour or so on my stomach, Henrik was there with new ideas.”

C-H Segerfeldt, Orchids in Italy 2015

”Many thanks for a wonderful photo tour to Italy and Monte Gargano. I have had five great days with wonderful people. Thanks to Henriks efforts as tour leader everything went smoothly, and I have learnt a lot in a short time.”

Sirpa Jas, Orchids in Italy 2015

”This was my third trip with Wild Nature Photo Adventures. As usual everything was well-organized with amazing photo opportunities and field tuition. As a participant you feel you are the main focus from the very beginning. Wild Nature Photo Adventures clearly know their destinations and don’t leave anything to chance. Destinations are properly researched for subjects, location and lighting.”

Anders Kolmodin, Orchids in Italy 2015

”After my second tour with Jan Pedersen, this time to Costa Rica, I recognize how well-planned the tours are. Nothing is left to chance. Considerate traveling and vast knowledge made this tour a memory for life. PS – I am also taking steps forward as a photographer :-)”

Ami Lindahl, Costa Rica 2015

”Costa Rica – a tour to various rainforest areas by both day and night and even amongst the tree-tops. To experience the fantastic animal and plant life and photograph with knowledgeable guides. I can only summarize like this: If you wish to go on an extraordinary nature photo tour, I warmly recommend this tour!”

Gunnar Nilsson, Costa Rica 2015

”Darkness falls – we put our boots on, light our torches and walk off along narrow paths in the rainforest… Suddenly the torches stop moving – there is a Northern Cat-eyed snake. We all get to see it before it slithers off into the dark.”

Anette Johansson, Costa Rica 2015

”Traveling with Wild Nature Photo Adventures to India was a fantastic trip. Together with my wife and son I got to see and photograph environments and animals that I had previously only dreamt of. A fully-packed tour focussed on getting as much photography as possible out of the four National Parks we visited. All thanks to Wild Nature Photo Adventures’ very knowledgable guides Henrik and Amar (who had lots to tell about photography and India) this was a very memorable tour.”

Jonas Falck, Wild India 2015

”Great to be in a small group with the same interests. Many photo tips that made me dare to use the kameras knobs and buttons and feel more comfortable with photography. This tour gets a 7 on a scale from 1 to 5.”

Catarina Larsson, Wild India 2015