Terms and conditions

Wild Nature photo adventures (Wild nature fotoresor AB) grant travel guarantees in accordance with Kammarkollegiets recommendations.

1. Registration
Registration becomes binding when Wild Nature Photo Adventures confirms (via e-mail) the participant’s registration and when the registration fee has been paid within the time limit. In the case that no registration fee is needed, the full price must be paid according to instructions from Wild Nature Photo Adventures.

2. Participant responsibility
Immediately after receiving confirmation of registration participants must check that all information is correct. On tours where Wild Nature Photo Adventures books flight tickets, the participant is responsible for guaranteeing that all names are spelt according to passports. This also applies to other arrangements where Wild Nature Photo Adventures requires names according to passport. Participants must notify Wild Nature Photo Adventures of any misstakes immediately. Participants are liable to pay any additional costs that may occur due to wrongly stated information.

Participants must immediately notify Wild Nature Photo Adventures of any change of address, e-mail, phone number or other information of importance for Wild Nature Photo Adventures ability to contact the participant.

Participants are responsible for appearing at the tour starting point at the time specified by Wild Nature Photo Adventures. Participants are liable to pay costs concerned with failure to appear at the tour starting point at the right time.

Wild Nature Photo Adventures recommends participants not to purchase travel tickets for the tour or workshop until Wild Nature Photo Adventures has informed participants of the exact starting and ending times for the tour/workshop.

3. Fees and payment
Participants must pay the tour/workshop fee at the latest when specified in the information provided. Wild Nature Photo Adventures reserves the right to require a first installment of the fee in connection with the establishment of the contract (registration fee). If the entire fee is not paid upon entering the contract, the remainder must be paid no later than the date specified by Wild Nature Photo Adventures.

Registration fees constitute 20% of the tour fee. Registration fees must be paid at the latest 14 days after the payment information has been sent by Wild Nature Photo Adventures.

Final payment must be no later than 45 days before the tour/workshop commences. If registration occurs less than 45 days before the tour/workshop commences the entire fee must be paid within 3 days.

For certain tours the first installment (registration fee) can be a different amount. Several installments may be required, and final payment may be required at another time than 45 days before the tour commences. In such cases, this information will be provided upon registration.

The minimum number of participants for a tour/workshop is stated in the information about the tour/workshop. If the minimum number is not reached the tour can often be run at an additional fee, in stead of being cancelled. If the additional fee is greater than 5% of the tour fee, the participant has the right to withdraw his/her registration.

In cases where Wild Nature Photo Adventures provided flight tickets, payment of flight tickets might be required upon tour registration, depending on the rules and regulations of the air company involved.

4. Cancellation
Written cancellation notice must be provided immediately as soon as the cause for cancellation occurs. Cancellation date is the date that the notice of cancellation arrives at Wild Nature Photo Adventures.

If cancellation occurs more than 60 days before the tour/workshop commences, a cancelation fee of 20% of the tour/workshop fee will be deducted before refunding. If cancellation occurs 60 days or less before the tour/workshop commences fees will not be refunded. Please note that if cancellation occurs 60 days or less before the tour/workshop commences and final payment has not yet been made, the remaining fee must be paid immediately.

Once a tour/workshop has commenced there will be no refunding from Wild Nature Photo Adventures for any part of the workshop that a participant does not take part in.

Fees are based on group participation, and there will be no refunding for any part of the workshop/tour that a participant does not take part in. There will be no refunding to participants who do not continue the tour/workshop for any reason.

In cases where flight tickets are booked by Wild Nature Photo Adventures and are already issued and partly or entirely paid, there will by np refunding of flight tickets.

5. Travel and cancellation insurance
Wild Nature Photo Adventures advises participants to have travel insurance. Cancellation insurance is also recommended for situations where participants are forced to cancel their participation on the tour/workshop.

6. Health
In order to participate on a tour/workshop with us, you must be in general good health. It is important that participants with medical or dietary requirements inform Wild Nature Photo Adventures about these before the tour/workshop. Ask our advice as to whether the tour/workshop places any extra demands on your health so as to determine if it is suitable for you or not. The tour/workshop leader reserves the right to declare a participant as unfit to take part in the tour/workshop at any time during the tour/workshop, if he assesses that the participant’s health does not fulfill the requirements, or if the participant is putting their own safety or the safety of other participants at risk. By paying the registration fee a participant certifies that they are not suffering from any mental or physical condition that may put themselves or other participants in any danger during the tour/workshop.

7. Fee adjustments
Wild Nature Photo Adventures reserves the right to increase the tour/workshop fees if there are changes in costs due to increased prices for transport, hotels, taxes, customs, other fees or exchange rates. Participants will be notified of any change in fees before final payment is due.

8. Share in double rooms
When booking a tour/workshop with Wild Nature Photo Adventures a share in a double-room is included in the price. However, participants who have registered for a share in a double-room must be prepared to pay the additional single-room fee if no partner for the double-room can be arranged. The single-room fee is stated in the price information for each tour/workshop. Participants will be notified about single-room fees before final payment is made.

9. Delays and alterations in travel plans
Alterations in travel plans might sometimes be necessary. Weather, authorities, anchoring site availability, political conditions and other factors can force changes in the tour/workshop plan. Air companies can change their flight times or routes, which might also alter the plan for the tour/workshop. Therefore the tour/workshop plan is always preliminary. Participating in this type of tour/workshop implies accepting that there are conditions that are out of control of the tour operator. Registration means acceptance of this fact. Wild Nature Photo Adventures maintains the right to alter terms and conditions for the tour/workshop, but does so with the participants’ best in mind. Participants have no right to a refund after such alterations. If a tour/workshop is delayed or if the tour/workshop plan must be altered due to weather, road conditions, transport delays, the intervention of states or other causes that Wild Nature Photo Adventures or its agents cannot control, the cost of delays or alterations is not included in the fee.

10. Cancellation of a tour/workshop
Wild Nature Photo Adventures maintains the right to cancel a tour/workshop before commencement due to lack of participants, or strikes, war, natural disasters or other reasons that make the tour/workshop unsuitable. In such a case the participants will receive full refunding for the tour/workshop fee. In such a situation Wild Nature Photo Adventures is not liable to compensate participants for costs such as flight tickets, visit and passport costs, equipment or other expenses related to the tour/workshop.

11. Limits to responsibility
Wild Nature Photo Adventures, its agents and employees declare that they only act as agents for the owners and operators of transportation and other tour or workshop services and do not claim any responsibility for extra costs, injury, loss or damage of belongings as a direct result of natural disasters, delays, quarantine, strike, theft, terrorism or any other cause that is out of our control. Alterations in plans can be made in order to adapt the tour/workshop to prevailing conditions. In the case of a participant becoming ill or being part in an accident, onboard or ashore, and requiring evacuation and/or home transport, the participant is fully responsible for the cost of such services. Wild Nature Photo Adventures advises all participants to have sufficient travel and accident insurance in order to cover the costs of such a situation. If the participant does not have such an insurance, they are still liable to pay the costs, and Wild Nature Photo Adventures disclaims any responsibility.

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