Southern Pantanal, Brazil – macaws and anteaters

1st – 10th September 2021

Extension tour to: Pantanal, Brazil – Jaguars, Giant otters and Macaws

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Some of the tour highlights:

  • Hundereds of Red-and-green macaws
  • Incredibly rich birdlife with eg. hyacinth macaws and blue-yellow macaws, toucans and red-legged seriema
  • Habituated Giant Anteaters
  • Several night safaris to look for nocturnal animals
  • Snorkelling in the crystal clear Rio da Prata
  • The tour leader will show you their best sites and provide photographic advice in a small like-minded group.
  • We support the organisation Pantheras work with creating a corridor for Jaguars in South and Central America.

Pantanal is one of the World’s most species-rich areas. It is often called the World’s largest wetland, spreading across hundreds of thousands of square kilometers in Brazil, eastern Bolivia and eastern Paraguay. Thanks to the high concentration of wildlife, high species-richness and a varied landscape, Pantanal can be regarded as one of the natural wonders of the World.

Wildlife is ever-present in Pantanal, with 405 species of fish, 600 bird species, 80 mammals, 1100 butterflies and 50 reptile species. Threatened and endangered species such as Jaguars, Pumas, Giant Otters, Maned Wolf, Ocelot, Macaws, Tapirs and Giant Ant-eaters have all found a haven in the impenetrable wetlands.

This extension to our main tour gives you an opportunity to experience the best of the southern parts of Pantanal. Here we will be given great opportunities to photograph giant anteaters, tree anteaters, caimans and lots of birds with large flocks of Red-and-green macaws as the main attraction. At one of the lodges we also have really good opportunities to photograph the shy cat ozelot.

In a so-called sinkhole breed large numbers of Red-and-green macaws. The birds are very active and give us unique photo opportunities as they fly over the deep hole and sit on the sandstone wall. We will visit this place several times which gives you the opportunity to try out some different photo techniques to get more unique pictures. In the vicinity of the Red-and-green macaw, we will also find Blue-yellow macaws, Buff-necked ibis and other exciting birds that can emerge in the forest. It is not uncommon for us to see Puffbirds and Motmots.

We will also make a visit to Rio da Prata to snorkel in the crystal clear waters. The river has a huge diversity of fish, you can almost get the feeling of swimming in an aquarium. Snorkeling equipment is available to borrow. Here in the area there are usually plenty of Burrowing owls and at the restaurant where we eat lunch a bird feeder usually attract many different birds such as Peach-fronted parakeet.

On the next stop on the tour, it’s time to look for anteaters. In the area where we stay, there are plenty of giant anteaters and with a little luck we have good opportunities to approach them on foot, which means we can get down for much better photo angles than from vehicles. Here can we also fina the smaller and the more shy tree-anteater. Of course, there is also much else to photograph, capybaras, caimans, foxes and armadillos. With a little luck, we will be able to photograph both six-banded and nine-banded armadillos.

Bird life is very rich with, hyacinths macaws, blue-yellow macaws, toco tucans, owls and jabiru storks.

During the tour there will be various photographic workshops, where we discuss techniques for the different types of photography we will be doing. We will even discuss composition and each others images, all in order to take your photography to the next level.

Travel facts

10th – 15th September 2021

€ 2 490
(Registration fee € 498)*

Tour leader
Henrik Karlsson

Number of participants
Min 6
Max 10

Last date to register
31 May 2021

The tour will include daily safaris and walks. Safaris are by open safari vehicle and boat. On Jeep safaris all photographers have a ”window seat”. All in order to provide the best photo opportunities.
** Safari is a trip in a natural area such as a National Park or other protected area. In Africa these are called Game drives.

Price includes
Share in double room and meals according to itinerary. All entrance fees to National Parks, all safaris, local guides, photo workshops, local transports (minibus, open safari vehicle, boat), transfer to and from Cuiaba airport. Accommodation in simple but rustique lodges.

Single room fee
€ 450

Price does not include
Flights in and out of Campo Grande airport, tips, insurance, cancellation insurance, beverages, meals that are not specified in itinerary, phone and internet charges, personal items.

Campo Grande Airport.The tour starts and ends here.

Photo equipment
A wide range of subjects will be available to us, from landscapes to mammals and birds. Therefore it is good to bring everything from wide-angle to telephoto lenses. On safari, whether by car or on foot, lenses from 70-200 mm up to 500 mm are excellent. To increase focal length you can use a teleconverter. Dust protection is important on safaris. If you have two camera bodies, bring both in order not to have to change lenses as much. Tripods are not so useful in safari vehicles, where a bean-bag comes in more handy. A monopod is an alternative, but slows you down a bit. However, a tripod will be great for photography around the lodges.

Pantanal means tropical climate, so both days and nights are hot, often above 30 degrees C by day and seldom below 20 degrees C by night. Pack light, cool but robust clothing. A light fleece sweater and some thin trousers are good for evenings on the river when it gets ”cool”. A light raincoat or poncho will be useful. Bring a hat or head protection from the sun. Hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes are best for the feet, together with some sandals for midday use.

Group and language
Our tours are open to all nationalities, so the group may be international. Our tour leaders speak Swedish and English.

*Terms of payment
Registration fee to be paid on registration. Remaining fees to be paid latest 60 days before the tour starts.

Additional information
Contact your insurance company about insurance, including cancellation insurance. Contact your doctor about vaccination requirements.

Terms and conditions


Day 1 (10/9) (Lunch-Dinner)
When we have left those who are going home after the main tour at the airport, we have lunch and then go to a hotel in Cuiabá. The afternoon is spent resting as we have a flight to Campo Grande very early in the morning.

Day 2 (11/9) (Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner)
We fly from Cuiaba to Campo Grande (domestic air ticket is not included in the fare) very early in the morning. We arrive in Campo Grande in the morning and we travel directly to Buraco das Araras, a so-called sinkhole where it nests large quantities of Red-and-green macaw. We will spend the entire day in the area around the sinkhole. We will be photographing red-and-green macaw and we also hope for blue-yellow macaws and other birds. Lunch and then continued photography at the sinkhole.

Day 3 (12/9) (Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner)
In the morning we continue to photograph in the area around the sinkhole. We will have the opportunity to work with different photo techniques during the days here as the macaws give us endless photo opportunities. Before lunch will we go to Rio da Prata to snorkel in the crystal clear water. Snorkeling equipment is available to borrow. There is also a bird feeder that usually attracts some interesting species. After lunch we start our journey to our next lodge (about 4 hours journey).

During the afternoon we have our first safari and the focus is on finding anteaters and of course other exciting animals that the area has to offer.

After dinner in the evening we go on a night safari.

Day 4-5 (13-14/9) (Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner)
Both in the morning and afternoon will we go out to look for giant anteaters and other exciting animals. After dinner in the evening we have a night safari with ozelot in focus.

If the conditions are right, we will try to photograph caimans at sunset.

Day 6 (15/9) (Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner)
After breakfast will we depart for Campo Grande Airport. The extension tour ends here.
Flights back home.


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Southern Pantanal, Brazil - macaws and anteaters 10th – 15th September 2021

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