Focus on Kingfishers

18th – 23rd July 2020

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Some of the workshop highlights

  • Photography from custom-built hides.
  • Special arrangements to photograph kingfishers underwater.
  • Kingfishers fishing – opportunities to photograph birds diving into the water and coming back up.
  • The tour guide will teach special techniques and provide photographic advice for you to succeed with your images.
  • We support Birdlifes work with improving habitats for birds.

The Kingfisher is one of our most colorful birds. About the size of a sparrow, it dashes forth across the water, and is often only photographable when perched on a branch.

The Kingfisher itself is enough to make any bird portrait special. But in order to get anything more than a classic picture of a bird on a branch you need to work hard.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to photograph kingfishers from custom-built hides. There will be great opportunities to photograph kingfishers as they dive into the water to catch fish, and hopefully reappear with a fish in their beak. It is not uncommon to see 100 dives a day, so there is every opportunity to get great images of this beautiful bird.

We have also made special arrangements to photograph kingfishers underwater as they catch fish. This really provides unique images. We will, of course, also be able to get more ”classic” images of Kingfishers landing on a branch.

During four days we will have exclusive use of two hides for Kingfisher photography. Three photographers per hide will share time between the hides equally. Underwater photography is weather-dependent.

When in the hides there will be technique workshops. The workshop will be intensive, spending most of the time in the hides in order to get the best chance to get the best images of kingfishers.

Workshop facts

18th – 23rd July 2020

1 690 € (Euro)
(Registration fee 338 €)*

Tour leader
Henrik Karlsson

Number of participants
Max 6

Last date to register
1st June 2020

Price includes
Share in twin room and meals according to itinerary. Local transports (mini bus), transfer to and from Glasgow airport. Photo workshop and tuition. Access to custom made hides.

Single room fee
175 €

Price does not include
Flights in and out of Glasgow airport, insurance, cancellation insurance, beverages, meals that are not specified in itinerary, phone and internet charges, personal items.

We will stay at a classic hotel with a pub on the ground floor.

Photo equipment
For the Kingfisher photography will we have use of a range of lenses. When photographing diving birds will we use lenses with approx. 200mm range. A zoom-lens, for example 80-400mm, is a good option to use. When photographing the more “classic” shot with the Kingfishers sitting on a branch we need bigger lenses such as 500 mm. Remote control is essential. Tripod and/or beanbag will be needed.

Bring clothing in layers so you can adjust to the temperature of the day. Proper field cloths is the best option. Rubber boots is the best option for the feeds while in the hides.

Group and language
Our tours are open to all nationalities, so the group may be international. Our tour leaders speak Swedish and English.

*Terms of payment
Registration fee to be paid on registration. Remaining fees to be paid latest 60 days before the tour starts.

Additional information
Contact your insurance company about insurance, including cancellation insurance. Contact your doctor about vaccination requirements.

Terms and conditions


Day 1 (18/7) (Dinner)
Arrival at Edinburgh international airport during the day, and transfer to our hotel, about 2.5 hours away.

Day 2-5 (19-22/7)  (Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner)
During these four days we will have exclusive use of two hides for Kingfisher photography. There will be a morning and afternoon session. A schedule for hides enables everyone to have a fair share of the photographic opportunities. Underwater photography is weather-dependent.

Day 6 (23/7) (Breakfast)
In the morning we return to Edinburgh international airport for the flight home.


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Focus on Kingfisher 18th - 23rd July 2020

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