Africas big cats – Masai Mara, Kenya

1st – 6th November 2020 FULLY BOOKED

Price include flight to our camp in Masai Mara

This tour is FULLY BOOKED

Some of the tour highlights:

  • Flight from Nairobi to Mara Olikiombo Airstrip included in tour price. No long, tiring bus rides from Nairobi to our camp
  • Masai Mara – the classical safari destination
  • Our main photography focus are on the big cats – Lion, Cheetahs and Leopards. We will aslo look for the more elusive Cerval
  • Great numbers of animals in the area – from Zebras, Giraffes and Elephants to Antelopes and Gazelles
  • Full-day game drives to be able to follow all kinds of situations and not have to worry about the time. On our 2019 tour we got the possibility to follow five Cheetahs hunting during 6 hours because of this
  • Off-road permits allow our vehicles to access areas where other vehicles cannot go
  • Low angle shots possible from our jeeps
  • Four photographers in each Jeep
  • Local Masai guides with plenty of local knowledge and an understanding of photography
  • Extra bagage options on the flight to Masai Mara
  • Ackommodation in a tent camp, five minutes by jeep from Masai Mara National Reserve
  • We donate money to local nature and wildlife conservation. For this tour we support Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust
  • Remember – we’ve always been there before!

The sun sets, and the sky goes orange. A group of Antelopes and Zebras are walking across the vastgrassy savanna, and we have put ourselves in position to photograph them when silhuetted against the glo of the African evening sky. A Giraffe moves slowly towards an Acacia tree, and when it stops to browse, e have the image framed and let our cameras immortalize this classical African scene.

Later, at dinner in our camp, we hear distant roaring Lions in the dark night. Our expectations for the next day’s game drive are growing. What will we see and photograph? Maybe we will find the Lions or the more timid Leopard lying in a tree. Whatever the outcome we know that Masai Mara ill offer us unforgettable photo opportunities för both birds, mammals and landscapes.

Masai Mara is situated in south-western Kenya and is one of the best places in the whole of Africa to see and photograph African wildlife. Together with Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, the Masai Mara constitutes one of the World’s most spectacular ecosystems, with one of the highest concentrations of animals in the World. ”The Big Five” – Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros and Buffalo – occur here, as well as Cheetah, Zebra and various species of Antelope, Gazelle, Giraffes, Hippopotamus and Crocodile, just to name a few species. In addition to this there are all the birds, with over 400 species. All these animals, together with the landscape, make the area a fantastic photo destination.

During our time in Masai Mara our photography focus will be on Africas big cats. Lions, leopards and Cheetahs are very common in the area where we spend most of our time. Despite our focus will we not forget to photograph all the other animals . Even though the migration is not in Masai mara at this time of the year it is still plenty of grazers around. We will work on getting our ”shots” and trying to establish as broad a portfolio on Masai Mara as possible. Hopefully it will contain big predators, as ell as the herbivores of the savanna and the wonderful landscape.

Our plan is to do full-day game drives. This is great if we see that we are likely to have a day with dramatic skies over the savanna, providing softer mid-day light but also helping us get the images we are looking for. But first and foremost we like to have full-day game drives so we don’t miss out on any photo opportunities because of having go back for lunch. On our tour 2019 we had the opportunity to follow five Cheetahs hunting during six hours because of this.

Whilst on game drives we have special off-road permits, allowing us to leave the regular roads to get closer to the wildlife and provide a better photo angle. There are rules for off-road driving, and we do not wish to disturb the animals, but it does improve our photo chances considerably. We will be able to leave the jeeps at certain spots in order to photograph from low angles – which is great for working with blurred fore- and backgrounds, or for when the sun is setting and e want to work with silhuettes against the sky.

We fly to our tent camp during the morning from Wilson Airport in Nairobi on a small plane. The flight takes about 45 minutes. We get lunch and a security briefing, before heading out on our first safari. By the time we get back to the tent lodge it is already dark. On our last day we start with a morning safari as usual, leaving the camp before dawn. Following the safari we will have lunch and then fly back to Wilson airport in Nairobi during the afternoon. The time spent in Masai Mara will be spent on photography.

Travel facts

1st – 6th November 2020

2 990 €
(598 € registration fee)*

Tour leader
Henrik Karlsson

Number of participants
Min/Max 8

Last date to register
1st August 2020

Price includes
Share in double room/tent, meals according to itinerary, return flight from/to Wilson airport in Nairobi to/from Mara Olkiombo and car transport to and from the camp.

Safari trips in mornings and afternoons with local guides, entrance fees and other park fees, photo guidance and photo workshops.

Single room fee
Very limited access to single rooms. Contact us for more information. If single rooms can be arranged, an additional fee of 300 € is applicable.

Price does not include
International flights to and from Nairobi, Kenya. Transport between Wilson airport and Jomo Kenyatta international airport. Visa, tips, alcoholic beverages, insurance and other personal items.

The tour commences and ends at Wilson airport, Nairobi. Flight times will be provided at a later date.

Photo equipment
As we will be photographing a variety of different subjects, from landscapes with and without wildlife to mammal and bird portraits, a range of lenses from wide-angle to telephoto are suitable. Whilst on safari by jeep an 80/100 – 400 mm zoom or 500 mm telephoto lens are a good choice. A 70-200 mm zoom requires a 2x teleconverter or an additional longer focal length lens. Teleconverters are good for increasing focal length in certain situations. A camera body with cropped sensor will ”increase” focal length from 400 mm to 600 or 640 mm. A full-format camera body requires a 1.4x teleconverter if your lens has a 400 mm focal length. If you have access to two camera bodies, you can have different lenses on each. This means you don’t have to change lenses so often and won’t risk getting dust in the camera body as much. Tripods are difficult to use in the jeeps, but can be useful on foot. Tripods are also good for any night photography.

Mornings can be a bit cool, when traveling by jeep, so a long-sleeved sweater or thin jacket can be useful. Hats and caps protect against the sun. A pair of outdoor trainers are best for the feet.

Our accommodation and jeeps have limited accessibility for people with decreased mobility.

*Conditions of payment
Registration fee will be payed by invoice upon registration. Final payment must be made at least 60 days before departure.

Passport and visas
Swedish citizens require a visum for Kenya. Visas are issued via a digital application through the Kenyan migration authorities website. Fees are paid upon application (approx 50 USD). Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after you enter Kenya. If you are not a Swedish citizen, it is important that you find out which visa rules apply to you. Passports are required for flight check-in.

Contact your insurance company for information on travel insurance and cancellation insurance. We recommend that you have insurance that covers medical transports both domestically and for home journey. As this tour is to very remote places it is of utmost importance that you consult your insurance company about medical flights/home transport in the case of illness and/or injury.

Contact your doctor for advice on vaccination.

Group and language
Our tours are open for all nationalities, and the group may be international. Our tour leaders speak Swedish and English.

Terms and conditions


Day 1 (1st November) (Lunch – Dinner)
Flight from Wilson airport in Nairobi to Mara Olikiombo in the morning and further transport to our tent camp. You will be met by the tour leader at Wilson airport. On arriving at the tent camp we will get lunch and then prepare for our first game drive. Return to the tent camp after dark.

Day 2 – 5 (2nd – 5th November) (Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner)
During these days we will go for full-day game drives. We go by jeep in Masai Mara keeping a lookout for photo subjects. We have off-road permits to increase our photo opportunities.

Day 6 (6th November) (Breakfast – Lunch)
A morning safari just like previous days. After lunch we are driven to the airfield and fly back to Wilson airport in Nairobi.