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Muskox at Dovrefjell, Norway

 6th  – 8th September 2019

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Some of the photo tours highlights:

  • Personal guiding by a photographer that knows Dovrefjell, and who lives there.
  • Close encounters with Muskoxen, lead by a guide with a permit to lead groups into Dovrefjell National Park
  • Chance to close encounters with animals such as Hawk Owls and Moose
  • Small groups, of four to six people

It looks like a scene in a pre-historic film. A small herd of Muskoxen stand close together as a lone bull comes walking along the ridge. The massive male breaks out from the group and takes some hesitant steps towards the intruder. Both halt, measuring each other with their eyes, and grunting excitedly. Their back-lit exhaling breath look like smoke. When grunts and roars don’t put the opponent off, an attack remains. These prehistoric animals throw themselves forward at surprising speeds. The clash is hard, an unbelievable measure of strength during the mating season. Horned foreheads colliding, sound like concrete against concrete. These animals don’t resemble any others among Nordic wildlife. The Muskox have adapted well to the harsh reality of the montane landscape.

40 000 years ago, Nordic fauna was different from today. Muskoxen grazed side by side with Mammoths, Woolly Rhinoceros and Giant Deer. They are all extinct today, except for the Muskoxen.

Muskoxen occur mainly in Doverfjäll, Norway, where they were reintroduced just after the Second World War. There are about 250 Muskoxen in Dovrefjäll. Encountering and photographing these surviving prehistoric mammals is an amazing experience. Standing about 1.5 m at the shoulder, and weighing about 400 kg, the Muskox is an impressive sight. Together with local Muskox guide and photographer Even Hønsen Agerup we arrange workshops during all weekends from 1st September – 20th December 2018 and 1st January – 20th May 2019.

During the autumn the mountains are full of beautiful colors and the Muskoxen are not far into the mountains, and are fairly easy to locate. This is the best time for those who love autumn colors, cold, crisp air and lovely autumn light.

Travel facts

6th – 8th September 2019 

690 € (Euro)
(Registration fee 138 €)*

Tour leader
Even Hønsen Agerup– Muskox guide and photographic guide
Jorunn Jørgensen – Mountain guide

Number of participants
Min 4
Max 6

Price includes
Share in double room and meals according to itinerary. Photo workshops and tuition in field, local transports, transfer to and from Dombås station.

Price does not include
Travel to Dombås, Norway, insurance, cancellation insurance, beverages, meals that are not specified in itinerary, phone and internet charges, personal items.

At Even Agerup – the guides private house in Dovre. The first floor of the house is for the guests use (2 bedrooms, bath, toilet and a fireplace). Access to the living room, kitchen and dining room. You will be served home cooked meals.

Photo equipment
The main focus on this tour is to photograph Muskox, but there are many other animals and birds in the area of Dovrefjell NP. Telephoto lenses like 70-200mm, 80-400mm and 600mm will give you great possibilities to get a wide range of images of Muskox, Moose, birds of prey and other animals and birds.

The weather will vary from summer temperatures to chilly/cold. Morning and evenings are often cold. You need warm clothing in many layers, gloves and a hat is recommended. You also need rain proof clothing. Sturdy walking boots are the best option for the feets. We will dress accordingly to the weather forecast.

Group and language
Our tours are open to all nationalities, so the group may be international. Our tour leaders speak Swedish and English.

*Terms of payment
Registration fee to be paid on registration. Remaining fees to be paid latest 60 days before the tour starts.

Additional information
Contact your insurance company about insurance, including cancellation insurance. Contact your doctor about vaccination requirements.

Terms and conditions


Day 1 (6/9) (Dinner)
Arrival and introduction, followed by dinner.

Day 2 (7/9) (Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner)
Early breakfast and then a day on the mountains. Return for dinner and photo discussions. Evening photography for Elk, birds of prey, Owls during spring and autumn.

Day 3 (8/9) (Breakfast-Lunch)
Early Breakfast, then a day on the mountains. Finish at 17.00.

The itinerary may be lengthened if requested, at an extra charge. Contact us for more information.


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Muskox at Dovrefjell, Norway 6th  - 8th September 2019

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