Jörgen Tannerstedt
Jörgen TannerstedtTour leader
Jörgen Tannerstedt, born in 1976, is an astro- and landscape photographer with a burning desire to teach and inspire others.

Despite numerous nights under a starlit sky, Jörgen’s fascination of the skies never ends. Every cloudless night he heads out to find new ways of capturing the night light.

Jörgen has more than ten years experience as a teacher and has led many different courses and is often engaged as a lecturer on astrophotography.

Jörgen works towards spreading knowledge on the importance of darkness for us humans and for nature, and the impact of light pollution on the environment. He is in charge of darkness monitoring on Öland, within a project that focuses on saving the night skies for future generations.

Jörgen is a member of the Swedish Nature Photographers Association (Naturfotograferna/N)

Webpage: www.tannerstedt.se