Brutus Östling
Brutus ÖstlingOwner, operative manager and tour guide
Brutus Östling, born in 1958, is renowned for his personal bird photos, and is often mentioned as one of our foremost bird photographers.
Several of his eleven photo books have become best-sellers in Sweden, and have also been issued in e.g. U.S.A and Great Britain.
Three of the books, including ”Bevingat. Magiska möten I fågelmarker” from 2015, have been awarded Panda Book of the year by WWF Sweden.
In 2006, ”Pingvinliv” was nominated for the national book award Augustpriset, and three years later, Brutus won the same award with ”Att överleva dagen”.
”Konsten att fotografera fåglar och andra djur” is a 350-page handbook, that also forms the base for his photography courses and workshops.
Right now he is working on a book about the threatened African savannah.
He has also been awarded the title of Nature Photographer of the year (2006) and Nordic Nature Photographer of the Year (2008).